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Welcome to Stads Self-service at AAU

'STADS' is Aalborg University's student administrative system.

As a student, you have access to STADS self-service where you can find your exam results, register and deregister for courses and exams, and print your transcript or confirmation of enrolment.

On this website, you find will all the information you need about STADS self-service.

How to login

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  • Password: the same you use to access your AAUmail.

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    Course Registration

    Registration periods

    Course registration happens at the same time for all students:

    Register for the autumn semester

    • Registration period: 15 May - 1 June
    • Late registration - only for new Master students, guest students, third attempt registrations, etc.: 15 September - 1 October

    Register for the spring semester

    • Registration period: 15 November - 1 December
    • Late registration - only for new Master students, guest students, third attempt registrations, etc.: 15 February - 1 March

    A receipt will be sent to your AAU email confirming the reception of your registration. 

    Exam registration

    When you register for courses, you are automatically also registered for exams.

    Read more about the rules regarding registration


    registration exemptions

    All first-year exams are mandatory for first-year students (1st/2nd semester of a Bachelor programme). You will be registered for these courses/exams automatically. 

    Students admitted through Continuing Education (EVU) are automatically registered for courses/exams. 

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    Cancelling registrations

    Generally speaking, you cannot cancel or deregister after the semester has started.

    If you know that you are unable to participate in a given exam, it is important that you inform your study programme due to planning issues. Please note, however, that this will still count as an exam attempt.

    The only exeption to the rule i deregistering fpr third exam attempts. Here, existing rules apply if you contact your study secretary.

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    View your exam results

    In STADS self-service, you can view your exam results.

    You will receive an email once a new result has been registered in STADS self-service. In addition, statistics on all results for a given exam are available.

    In Denmark, courses and exams are measured in ECTS (The European Credit Transfer System). One semester is 30 ECTS, one full year is 60. The system aims at improving the academic acknowledgement of studying abroad as well as improving the acknowledgement of foreign transcripts.

    If you have questions concerning your study data, or if you encounter any errors, you are welcome to contact your study secretary. 

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    Print academic documents

    Use STADS self-service to create PDFs of academic documents.

    Confirmation of enrollment

    A confirmation of enrollment shows your status of enrollment (e.g. 'active'), and functions as a supplement to your AAUcard.

    The confirmation of enrollment is valid either for the spring semester (starting 1 February) or the autumn semester (starting 1 September).

    Academic transcript

    Your academic transcript outlines the course of your education at Aalborg University. In STADS self-service, you can view and print out the exam results you have obtained during your enrollment at AAU.

    An academic transcript is divided into two parts:

    The first part describes the "parts" that your programme consists of, and the second part outlines your exam results, including any credit transfers.

    In STADS self-service, you can choose different types of transcripts:

    • "Success in English" = only passed exams will feature on the transcript
    • "Total in English" = all exams results are featured, including all attempts.

    If you need to have the transcript verified, e.g. in relation to an employer, please contact your study secretary.

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    Edit your personal data

    In STADS self-service, choose the option "Administration" and "Person- and address information". Here, you can view the address, email and phone number affiliated with you in STADS.

    Your address is retrieved directly from the Danish National Registration Office. Thus, your address can only be altered if you change your address via the National Registration Office.

    You can enter or change your mobile number, private number and work number in “Person- and address information”.

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    Data regarding your studies

    If you have questions or encounter errors in the data regarding your studies, or if you have questions regarding registration and deregistration for courses and exams, please contact your study secretary.

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    Leave of absence and withdrawal from the university

    Use STADS self-service to request leave of absence or withdrawal from the university.

    In STADS self-service, choose the option "Administration" to access information about leave of absence and withdrawal. You will be asked to provide a reason for your request.

Former students

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    Can't access Stads Self-Service?

    Your access to Stads Self-service will be terminated 90 days after you have completed or discontinued your studies.

    If you are in need of a transcript or other documents relating data regarding your studies, but cannot login to Stads Self-service, please contact your former study programme.

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    After completing your study programme, you will only receive one original copy of your diploma. If you lose your diploma, a second one will not be issued. Instead, you can request a copy of your diploma or an academic transcript.

    How to proceed:

    Send a request for a copy of your diploma to Study Data at

    Please give the following information:
    Full name and student number and whether the documentation should be send to your postal address or e-boks (Danish online digital mailbox). If the documentation has to be sent to a third party, you must provide us with documentation of this request.

    Certified Copy of a Diploma

    If you need a certified copy of your diploma for job applications or when applying for admission to a Master programme outside AAU, you have to send a request for a certified copy of your diploma. send the request to Study Data at

Questions about diplomas

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    When can I expect to receive my diploma?

    You will automatically receive your diploma within two months after the assessment of the final exam has been published. Please note, however, that July is not included in the calculation of the two months.

    According to the Danish Exam Order §31, it is the graduate's responsibility to contact the university at once (contact the study board of your programme), if the diploma is not received within the two months (July not included).

    Until you have received your diploma, you can find information about modules and grades in your transcript, which can be downloaded from STADS Self-Service, which you will have access to for 90 days after the publication date of your last grade.

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    How do I share my diploma with an external recipient via e-Boks?

    You can share your digital diploma with a potential employer via the sharing option in e-Boks. If you wish to grant access to a company, you need to know the company's CVR-number and possibly the individual employee's RID-number. All Danish companies have CVR-numbers and employess with access to the company's e-Boks have a RID-number. 

    Please note, when you share your diploma with other people, you do not share all content in your e-Boks.

    Remember to state an end date for the company to have access to your diploma. 

    e-Boks has completed a guide, currently only available in Danish: Sådan giver du andre adgang til din post – e-Boks brugersupport

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    What if I accidentally deleted my diploma in e-Boks?

    Contact the study board of your programme to have your digital diploma reissued to your e-Boks. 

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    What if I lost the paper copy of my diploma?

    You only receive one original diploma when you complete your education. If you lose your diploma, the university can procure a copy of your diploma or a transcript. Please contact the administrative team Study Data at

    How to proceed:

    Please submit a request for a copy of your diploma to Study Data at Please include your name and date of birth/study ID in the request. The copy of your diploma is sent to your e-Boks. Please note that the wait may be three weeks.

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    How do I receive my diploma if I don't have a Danish CPR-no.?

    If you are enroled at Aalborg University without a Danish CPR-no., your digital diploma is sent to your AAUmail. You have access to your AAUmail for 90 days after the publication date of your last grade. Remember to download your diploma to your computer before the access to your AAUmail is terminated. 

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    How do I get my diploma verified?

    If you need a verified copy of your diploma in connection with applying for a job or admission to a higher education institution or the like, please submit a request to the administrative team, Study Data, at You must attach a consent form. 

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    How do I authenticate my diploma to be used abroad?

    "Apostille" is an international standard which can be applied to official documents to prove their validity to institutions and operators abroad.

    If you need to have your diploma authenticated to be used abroad, you can get an apostille attached to your diploma by sending the paper copy of your diploma to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The diploma must be signed (physivcal signature) by the study board of your programme. 

    You can find a guide at the Ministry of Foreign Affair's website:

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    Can I receive a new diploma if I change my name?

    No, a new diploma is not issued if you change your name.

    Only in the case of legal gender reassignment or obvious errors in the diploma, a new diplomae can be issued, if requested. 

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