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STADS self-service

Welcome to STADS self-service at AAU

STADS is Aalborg University's student administrative system.

As a student, you have access to STADS-selfservice where you can find your exam results, register and deregister for courses and exams and print your transcript or confirmation of enrolment.

On this website, you find will all the information you need about STADS self-service.

How to login

Login via the link in the right-hand side.

  • Username: AAU email without @student.aau.dk

  • Password: the same you use to access your AAU-mail.

If you do not know your AAU email, you can find it here.

As a new student, you receive information about your AAU email via the self-service UniStart. When you are admitted to AAU, you receive access to UniStart. 

The Study Progress Reform

The Study Progress Reform dictates the following new rules for all full-time students:
  • You must register for 30 new ECTS each semester
  • You cannot deregister for courses
  • If you are absent from, fail, or call in sick at an exam, you will automatically be registered for a re-examination

It is your own responsibility to make sure that you register for the required courses. It is the University's responsibility to make sure that you are a full-time student. Thus, if you have not registered for enough ECTS when the registration period is ove, you will be contacted.

In addition, it is also your responsibility to find out when a potential re-examination takes place (the information will be available in Moodle).

Read more under Course Registration below.

No longer a student?

14 days after you have finished your studies at AAU, your user and access to STADS self-service will be terminated.

If you are no longer a student at AAU, but is in need of a transcript or other documents relating data regarding your studies, please contact the exam office at your former faculty: 

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General questions or problems

Contact Study-IT:

Email: studyit@aau.dk
Phone: 9940 9720

Forgotten your password?

technical problems?

Your password for STADS self-service is the same as the one you use to access your AAU email. 

Have you forgotten it?

Contact AAU IT Support:

Email: support@its.aau.dk
Phone: 9940 2020